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Wedding Shoes

3791 Reviews

Wedding Shoes to Complement Your Style

What makes the perfect bridal outfit? It's all about the shoes. Whether guests will be able to see them, or they'll stay under your dress for your eyes only, the perfect wedding shoes are:
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to move in
  • Beautiful
JJ's House bridal shoes fit all these descriptions, with thousands of options ranging from wedding heels to flats, designed to make brides love every step they take. Get as fancy as stilettos to as casual as flip-flops. With fashions to match any type of wedding ensemble imaginable, wedding shoes at JJ's House provide the utmost in comfort, design, and style.

What to Look for in Bridal Shoes

If you're stumped about how to choose the right pair of wedding shoes, use these guidelines to get started.

What does your dress look like?

Depending on where the hem of your dress lands, you'll be exposing or covering up your feet. Shorter dresses that show off your feet may influence how fancy you want to get with your shoes or might make finding a pair that complements the details and embellishments on your dress ideal.

What is the location?

If you're having a beach wedding, pointy wedding heels could leave you stumbling. A wintry wonderland setting might mean that open toe wedding shoes don't make that much sense (and we have wedding boots, if you're into that style). You'll want to make sure your shoes complement the environment you’re in.

What's your normal shoe style?

Your wedding day is not the best time to try out a new style that you're not already familiar with. If you typically stay away from high heels but still want a luxurious look, a kitten heel or low heel can give you volume without making you stagger around. If you've always been a flats type of gal, you can still stay true to your fashion self without sacrificing your style.
Be sure to practice walking in your dress and shoes together to make sure you're in love with your look. If you plan on dancing, practice some dance moves in your shoes, too, or bring a backup pair that's strictly for the dance floor.

Shop Wedding Heels and More Now

JJ's House is a great place to shop for wedding heels, flats, and so much more for your special day. With thousands of comfortable shoes to choose form, you can pick the exact match (or get a few pairs for whatever you're doing) that will complement your dress, your venue, and your perfect style. Shop wedding shoes now.