A Guide to Picking Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Picking the bride and bridesmaid dresses aren’t the only ones on your wedding to-do list. You should also consider picking the groom and groomsmen attire that will be coordinated and suitable for the wedding style and location.

As a groom, all eyes will be pointed at you, so it is normal you want to look your best. Picking the right suit for the occasion may sound easy to you, but trust us, it can come tricky. You can gather your groomsmen and choose together. In that way, you will be coordinated and matchy.

These are some of the best tips for picking groom and groomsmen attire that we have gathered just for you!

Attires That Matches the Wedding

After you have selected your wedding location and theme, now it is time to match everything with your attires. Brides and bridesmaids on one and groom with his groomsmen on the other side should consider their options 6-9 months before the wedding.

The theme of the wedding, as well as color schemes, will help you choose the suits for yourself and the groomsmen as well. You should also consider the style of your wedding – is it more relaxed or more traditional? Should you wear a tie or a bow? Tuxedo with a classic or vintage feel? The options are many, so you should think about that when picking outfits.

Consult the Bride

Some couples like to color-match while others like to be a bit uncoordinated. Whatever is your choice, you should always talk with your partner about it.

If the bridesmaids are wearing light champagne dresses, then groomsmen should consider linen suits that will be in balance with the dresses. However, this depends on the wedding style as well, so make sure you are familiar with all the details.

Knowing How Much it Will Cost

Not all your friends are in the same financial situation. Some of your groomsmen can spend more and some maybe don’t have enough for all the costs that the wedding requires. Since groomsmen are traditionally responsible for paying their own attires, you should talk with them about the costs and make a deal if they can buy or rent the suits.

Matching or Coordinated?

Matching suits are fine, but are they required? Should the groom be unique and wear the suit that doesn’t match with groomsmen? You can make a deal and pick a color or a shade of the suit. However, let your friends pick the fit and style of their suits.

Shoe Picking

Even though traditional suites will match with the same shoes, you can be rebellious and offer something a bit different. How about picking a classic Converse or Adidas sneakers? I think all men will be delighted since dress shoes can be extremely uncomfortable!

It’s All About Accessories

No matter how elegant or casual the suit is, unique accessories can make it look eye-catching. You can offer your groomsmen to pick socks, ties, bowties, pocket square, and boutonnieres and make them matchy with your suit.

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