COVID-19 Forces Couples to Rethink Wedding Arrangements

With the spread of the terrifying coronavirus, many brides and grooms are faced with the fact that they have to postpone or reschedule their weddings. The circumstances may be different from one country to another. However, the protocols are almost the same. There should be no big gatherings, while the virus is considered life-threatening.

Postponing the wedding to a farther date does not apply to some couples who are more rational about getting married as soon as possible. In some countries where permissible, the pair do have the option to proceed with the planned wedding. However, it will have to be a small wedding with just significant others or just the bride and groom, their parents, and the officiating minister. The principle of social distancing will still have to apply on a particular occasion.

New York Online Wedding Due to Coronavirus

The State of New York, represented by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, has released an executive order on the 7th of March that covers marriage license application, marriage license, or marriage ceremony. Amidst COVID-19, solemnizing of marriage ceremony through video conferences are legally accepted, provided that the couple meets the stated conditions on the executive order. The said order will be valid until the 18th of May.

According to the Public Administration Minister Bostjan Koritnic at a news conference, Slovenia will allow weddings from the 28th of April, however, with limited attendance – only the bride, groom, registrar, and in some cases two witnesses.

While the other countries are having strict compliance with physical distancing, China’s hardest-hit city Wuhan has finally resumed marriage registrations as authorities lifted the lockdown, earlier in April. However, epidemic control is yet observed in the city, where big gatherings are not an option.

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But, what if circumstances are not in your favor, where you will have to move your wedding date. Let us see what steps you can take to reschedule the wedding and how to do that in the easiest way possible.

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Postpone, Reschedule – But Don’t Cancel

Everything is set – your wedding dress, the wedding venue, the food reservations, and honeymoon bookings. Suddenly, COVID-19 just popped, spreading throughout the world, making everything complicated.

Yes, you are overwhelmed about the current situation. However, safety and good health would be the priority these days and weddings can wait. Don’t cancel your wedding. After all, we all should be optimistic that this epidemic situation with coronavirus will eventually come to an end. Try to postpone your wedding to the latest date that the vendors have even if it is in late fall or wintertime.

Talk to the Vendors

Even if you are still in doubt should or shouldn’t you postpone your wedding, the best way to make a decision is to communicate with the vendors. There are agreements that you have signed, so be quick to go through them with your partner. Some of the business people are thoughtful, giving back the deposits, while others opt to hold the money. You may have to widen your judgment – just as you are faced with uncertainty, their business, too, is in a challenging and unpredictable situation.

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Picking a New Date – How Far to Go?

As many couples are in the same boat with their wedding postponement, you shouldn’t wait long when picking a new date. Many locations are already booked for fall, so it will be hard to move all the weddings that should occur in spring and early summer. You have to be flexible and you will have more time to prepare for an unforgettable wedding. Saturdays may be taken, so you will have to pick Fridays, Sundays or even weekdays instead. You don’t have to wait until 2021, but if the specific date is just so unforgettable and has a sentimental significance, then you can push the wedding next year on the same day.

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Inform the Guests on Changes

It is crucial to let your guests know everything about the wedding rearrangement. They need to cancel or reschedule their flights, hotels, and to plan ahead for your wedding. If you have already picked up a new date, send them an email, or use some of the apps to create a digital invitation for all your guests. 

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You Might Lose Some Money

The one thing you should be aware of is that you probably will lose some money. Depending on the vendors and their policies, they might or might not return deposits. However, most of them are likely to work together with you on finding the best solution possible. Depending on how soon your wedding date is, you may have also lost some money on food (if that already is ordered), or on the wedding flower arrangements. 

Dealing with the Postponement

Whether you are feeling sad, angry, disappointed, or even scared about rescheduling your wedding, it is completely okay to feel that way. You will have to look forward to the new date, inform all your guests, and have an even bigger reason to celebrate.

Couples Stay at Home and Enjoy Themselves

Thoughts: Don’t allow COVID-19 to break your wishes and the dream wedding. Whatever the situation is, it will soon come to pass. Many couples want to have a big wedding to celebrate their love for each other. But, what happens if you are faced with uncontrollable events. Will you give up? Will you think of it as a bad sign? If you faithfully love each other, then the wedding can wait. You have been waiting for months or even years to make it happen, so it should not be a problem waiting for a few more days or months. Think of the situation as a test of patience and love for you and your partner.

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