Dress Guide: How to Choose the Color of Prom Dress 2020

Due to the Covid-19, many proms may be delayed or even canceled. However, don’t let that depress you. You can still choose the color of your dress and rock that prom style, even on Zoom with all your classmates.

For some students, the COVID-19 crisis arrived just in time of their prom preparations, as they were receiving college acceptance letters or as they were thinking about jobs they can do during summer.

You can still pick your dress and make a virtual party that you will enjoy. Even though these times might come stressful and full of uncertainties, you can still shop for the dress that you will keep forever as a memory.

How to Choose Prom Dress

First of all, make sure to choose a prom dress that suits you. That is the most important thing, no matter where your prom will take place. You should try everything you like, but get to know your body first. Is the halter neckline for you? Or you would prefer to wear an off-the-shoulder dress that reveals your neck? It is okay to try both of these styles, but make sure to be true to your style.

What Color Suits Me – Skin Tone

Unlike wedding gowns that comes usually in a white shade, prom dresses come in all shades possible! If you ever wondered how some color suits you, then you should definitely scroll down.

If You Have Dark Skin Tone

If you have a darker skin tone, then lucky you! You actually have more options for your prom dresses. From bold and vivid shades like turquoise and jewel shades all the way down to the lavender, violet, and purple – all these shades look especially good on dark skin tone. Don’t try to create contrast, since it will end up looking bad. You can, however, go for a white prom dress – no one says it is not allowed to wear this shade.

Stay away from black, blue, grey, silver, and brown. These shades are too close to your skin tone, so they won’t look good on your prom dress either.

If You Have Light Skin Tone

Light skin tone looks great with black and navy shades. Black prom dresses look extremely elegant and glamorous. However, if you would like something more light, you can also go for pastels. Blush pink, blue, or mint green – these are all shades that you can try this year and look great on your prom.

If You Have Olive Skin Tone

Olive skin tone is that one that is the most flattering and perfect for matching with, well all colors. We suggest you try burgundy, red, jewel tones or to go for emerald green. These prom dresses will suit you just perfectly, making you elegant and very sophisticated.

If You Have Medium Skin Tone

If your skin complexion is medium, then you need to make it look warm. Choose a prom dress in some shade of blue – royal blue, grape or light baby blue will work perfectly.

Earth tones are also a good choice for medium-colored skin. Gold, forest green, and metallics will look great, no matter which style of the prom dress you pick.

On the other hand, stay away from brown, beige, orange, and caramel. 

What Color Suit Me – Undertones

Two main undertones are cool and warm. If you have warm undertones then your veins are more of green color. However, people that have light skin tone and burn easily on the sun are likely to have cool undertones and your veins should be bluer.

Cool Undertones

Girls with cool undertones match with whole ranges of colors. The best picks are bright colors, then green, blue, and purple. However, even though cool undertones match with a lot of colors, some shades should be avoided though. Stay away from orange, and yellow.

Warm Undertones

Earthy tones, brown, beige, mustard yellow, and red are the perfect choice for your prom dress if your undertone is warm.  If you are a fan of pink, you can definitely try it as well. Warm undertone girls should, however, avoid icy shades and jewel tones. They don’t look particularly good on these undertones.

Most Popular Colors for Prom 2020

These are some of the most popular colors for prom dresses in 2020. Some of them might come as a surprise, but most of these colors are timeless and they don’t change from season to season. Like red, burgundy, or champagne – these shades are chic and sophisticated and perfect for all seasons and years.


A-Line Scoop Neck Floor-Length Satin Prom Dresses With Split Front Pockets
ID: 224401

Red is a popular and timeless shade that makes you look sophisticated and elegant in your prom dress. This shade is always here.  And no matter which style of the dress you choose, if you pick red nonetheless, you will look gorgeous. If you are not a fan of red, then opt for burgundy. It is a must-have prom color of 2020.

Jewel Tones

A-Line Square Neckline Asymmetrical Satin Prom Dresses
ID: 224396

Purple, emerald green, blue, or dark purple – these popular jewel tones are perfect for prom dresses. If you are tired of basic shades, then choose some of them and you will shine.

Square necklines are looking retro, that is why this A-line asymmetric dress in lovely purple jewel tone is great for girls who like a mix of vintage and modern style.


Ball-Gown/Princess Scoop Neck Floor-Length Satin Prom Dresses With Pockets
ID: 224398

If you would like to be noticed no matter what style of the dress you choose, then you should go for bright or even neon pink shade. Fuchsia is one of those colors that girls are afraid to wear. However, we guarantee that you won’t regret it if you pick it for your prom.

This lovely ball-gown dress in fuchsia with a scoop neckline will certainly make your appearance unique and so sophisticated.


Sheath/Column V-neck Sweep Train Stretch Crepe Prom Dresses With Bow(s) Split Front
ID: 224424

That one question that girls are always asking is: “Can I wear white to the prom?” Absolutely yes! Even though this shade is usually reserved for weddings, you can also wear a white dress for your prom night.

If you like modern styles, then this sheath V-neck sweep train dress is the right choice for you.

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