How to wear Classic Blue, the Pantone’s color of 2020

Color of the year 2020 - classic blue

We all remember that scene from the movie The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly breaks down how colors in the fashion industry work. We still remember every word she said. Colors are important, and so is the Pantone color of the year. This year, it is the Classic Blue. 

Some Pantone Color Samples

What is Pantone’s color?

Before we start with the color of the year 2020, let’s break down what is Pantone color anyway?

The experts from Pantone decided to name a color of the year 20 years ago. However, at that time, they were just a small company, so they were aware they are taking a huge risk. Many mixed the name of the company for the Italian bread or a shampoo. According to Leatrice Eiseman the executive director of Pantone, no one on the street knew about them.

The rest is history. They are publishing the color of the year since then, and everybody is waiting for them to see what the color will be.

The Pantone Institute has become an important part of fashion and design. It highlights the top runway colors, predicts and forecasts global color trends 

The Meaning of Classic Blue

The Pantone color of the year 2020 is Classic Blue – calming shade of a night sky and ocean. Laurie Pressman, the Vice President of the Pantone Color Institution tells us that blue is reassuring, full of calm and confidence. Pressman also said that this classic blue builds connection.

“When we look at the world around us, we know that we’re living with a lot of unrest, where some days we don’t feel quite as secure, Blue, from an emotional, psychological standpoint, has always represented a certain amount of calm and dependability. It’s a color that you can rely on,” Leatrice Eisman explains.

Deep blue matches with the dark sky at dusk. The sky at the dusk is not midnight blue colored, but thoughtful and so mysterious. When you look at the sky at dusk, you know the day isn’t over yet. You think ahead, about what the future brings and what mysterious things can happen.

In the fashion world, classic blue means it is genderless and suitable for every season. Suits, dresses, blouses – we can’t even count everything that looks perfect in the classic blue shade. This is definitely a color you can rely on in every sense.

What Colors Match with Classic Blue

Classic blue is popular not only in the fashion world but in the world of architectural design as well. It might appear like a hard color to match, but it actually goes well with a lot of shades. So, whether you are looking for a fashion combination or you are renovating your place – these are some of the perfect matches.

Classic Blue and Orange

Blue matches perfectly with orange and copper tones. You can be sure your outfits will be noticed and your decor bold if you choose to go with this combination.

Polyester With Print/Slit Maxi Dress
ID: 228916

Classic Blue and White

Looking for something contemporary and classy? We would suggest you try matching classic blue with white. These two colors totally complement.

Classic Blue and Yellow

If you want to look modern and sassy then don’t think twice about matching blue and yellow. Even if that is only an accessory that is yellow-colored, it will bring much joy in every outfit combination.

Classic Blue and Terra-Cotta

A mix of neutral terra-cotta and classic blue is something that we didn’t expect to see. However, these shades combined together will make you look unique and your space appear modern.

Classic Blue and Grey

They say whenever you are in doubt go for a blue-grey combination. You will get a sleek pairing perfect for women with a modern and minimalistic style.

Different Ways to Wear the Pantone Color of the Year 2020

If you were wondering how to incorporate classic blue into your wardrobe, look no further. We have found some inspiration around the social networks, coming from our favorite bloggers and influencers. Classic Blue Denim

Dark denim is vintage and chic. You can now wear it without thinking if it is still in style. Since classic blue is the color of the year, dark denim is the right fabric to choose from.

Only as A Detail

If you are not interested in this shade so much, still you would like to try it, then go for an accessory in classic blue. Clutch or baguette bags are perfect for both elegant and casual wear.

Sporty in Blue

The athleisure trend is definitely here to stay. Comfy clothes that are perfect for casual and sporty activities in classic blue are upgraded with a bit of glamour.


Some women are really into this blue trend. You can dress all-blue-everything and look fantastic.

Classic Blue Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are great staples, suitable for both day and night occasions. You can style jumpsuit in classic blue for working hours or make it elegant with a piece of gold jewelry for the night out.

Color Block

Since classic blue matches perfectly with the orange, you can incorporate both of these shades into an outfit. Plus if you are bold and brave enough add pink sandals!

Different Occasions to Choose Classic Blue for Added Allure

The classic blue is one of those shades that are perfect for both casual and elegant occasions.

If you are heading to the cocktail party, spice up your outfit with an accessory in classic blue shade or dress into a jumpsuit in this exact shade.

For formal events, such as wedding ceremonies, birthdays, etc. choose something more glamorous. Long formal dress or pantsuit in classic blue color will turn all heads towards you. 

Casual occasions require leisure outfits but make sure to add some classic blue details – a bag, shoes, belt, or even hair accessories.


Classic blue will surely make its point this year. Since we live in troubled times, it is good to know we can look at the sky at dusk and know that day is not over yet. Think about incorporating the Pantone color of the year into your wardrobe. You won’t get disappointed, that is for sure.

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