JJSHOUSE REAL WEDDING —— Alejanda & Alvaro

Silhouette: A-Line/Princess

Wedding Date: September 1, 2019

Dress ID: 153307

Color: Dusty Rose

1.Bride + Groom’s Name

Alejanda and Alvaro

2.When is the wedding day?

September 1, 2019

3.How did you choose your wedding dress or bridesmaid dress?

I choose this dress because of the color scheme that was chosen.

4.How did you feel in your dress?

I felt so beautiful in my dress and very comfortable.

5.What made you choose JJsHouse?

The prices and how elegant the dresses are made me chose JJHouse.

6.What was your favorite moment of that day?

My favorite moment was getting to put on my dress and see the bride walk down the aisle.

7.Three words to sum up the wedding day.

Beautiful, Fun, Blessing.

8.What’s your best tip for dressing on the Big Day to share with other brides or bridesmaids?

A big tip I give is find a dress that fits you and pleases you. As well as find something that makes you feel confident and beautiful in yourself.

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