Style Guide: Best Summer Dress for Shorter Women

Any seasonal shopping can be pretty tricky for short ladies. When you are under 5’3” everything can become oversized and chunky. And you definitely don’t want to look that way. Women find themselves in fitting rooms with extremely long summer dresses, jeans, and sleeves that are too long.

Even though it seems like the fashion industry is only making clothes for tall women, it doesn’t have to be that way if you know the tricks. Summer is just around the corner, so we have prepared a style guide that will help you find the best dress for yourself.

Embrace The Right Trends

These are some of the trends that short girls should embrace and wear if they don’t want to look swallowed in their clothes.

V-Neck Dress

The deep and plunging neckline will elongate your neck and make all your upper body looks longer. So, when picking a summer dress, make sure it has V-neck or the upper style is a corset with big decollete.

Cotton With Embroidery Above Knee Dress

Cropped Tops

Cropped tops with high waist jeans are the right combinations for short girls. Instead of choosing long tops or tunics, always grab a cropped one.

A-Line Scoop Neck Knee-Length Chiffon Homecoming Dress

Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is one of the trendy items that you should have in your closet. It will show off your waist and make it look cinched. Otherwise, with other classic models of the dresses, you can easily look like you deliberately picked something oversized.

Polyester With Print/Ruffles Above Knee Dress

Go For Vertical Stripes

Whether you are choosing a dress, pants or shirt, it is important to adapt to the pattern. Not all patterns are good for petite women. For instance, the biggest mistakes are made with stripes. Don’t choose clothes with horizontal stripes. They only give the widening illusion. On the other hand, vertical stripes are the right choice for short girls. They will elongate your figure.

Polyester With Button/Print Above Knee Dress

Go Monochrome

We know that prints are lovely and they are great for upgrading all outfits. However, for short women going monochrome is a safe option that can make them look fabulous. So, when in doubt wear all black. However, you can also pick other colors like red, blue, or beige. They can also help to look great while making a statement.

Polyester With Crumple/Ruffles/Solid Above Knee Dress

Wear a High Slit

Thanks to the high side slit on your dresses, you don’t need to think about the hemline so much. The slit will allow you to wear longer hemlines, like midi and maxi, without looking cut off.

How Different Length Dresses Influence the Look of Short Women

When you find the right model of the dress, stick to it. These are diverse length dresses that you can pull off in order to create perfect looks. Here are some that we recommend.

Midi dress

Midi dresses can make you look even smaller. Their hemline is above the knees so they can actually cut off your legs.

Polyester With Solid Midi Dress

If you are still not giving up on wearing this kind of dress, don’t worry – there is a solution. Pick this silver dress that has a high slit and open neckline. It is perfect for summer parties.

Long dress

Maxi dresses are not quite recommended for petite women. However, if you really like them (who isn’t – they are super comfy), then make sure they have a side slit. That will give more definition and balance to small figures.

Polyester With Solid/Slit Maxi Dress

If you are looking for a right summer dress, pick this maxi wrap dress in lovely warm orange shade. Side split and cinched waistline are perfect for short women.

Tea-Length dress

Tea-length is one of those lengths that appears very elegant and chic. The hemline falls above the ankle and below the knee. You should also make sure these kinds of dresses have

a slit and deep V-neck, just like this one in a military green shade.

Mini dress

Mini is the new midi for petite women. They are not only fashionable for summer, but also so flattering to your figure. When your legs are barer it instantly creates an illusion of looking longer.

Tailored white blazer dress will definitely be a hit for short girls. Style it with pointy ankle boots or super high heels. 

Mini dress

High-Low Dress

High low dresses can actually be a game-changer for short ladies. The front is shorter and the back is long which can only be flattering to the short figure. This lovely asymmetrical dress in floral print is a perfect choice for the upcoming summer weather.

Polyester With Lace/Print/Slit Asymmetrical Dress

Style and Height of Your Shoes

It is quite challenging to find the right shoes when you are a petite woman. There might be styles you would love to wear, but not all of them will suit your constitution. So, before choosing flat over-the-knee boots, think twice.

You should always opt for pointy-toe shoes. No matter if they are flat or heeled, pointed-toe will elongate your feet and make your looks elegant and chic.

Heels are your friends. Whether you pick stiletto or block heel, it is important to wear them since they elongate your legs. If you are not a fan of high heels, don’t worry. You can always go for kitten heels.

When it comes to the height of the shoes, you should definitely avoid wearing mid-calf and knee-high boots. They cut off your leg at an odd place so you can appear even shorter than you actually are. So, exposed ankle it is.

Sandals with block heel

Accessories to Wear with Your Stylish Dress

Your choices of accessories should also be in proportion to your body. This is how you should wear and style bags, belts, and jewelry.

Small Bags

We recommend avoiding oversized bags. We know, they are practical, but they are definitely not made for short women. Instead, try to find a perfect small and mini bags that you can combine with any outfit.

Charming/Fashionable/Refined Suede Clutches/Evening Bags


Belts can be a real game-changer. Short women should wear high and cinched waists, so it is good to add a belt as an accessory. Avoid wide belts, pick the ones that are skinny and minimalistic.

Beautiful Alloy Belt With Rhinestones


Long necklaces will elongate short necks. Let your necklace hit 2 to 3 inches above the chest and don’t let it be too long.

Shining Alloy Ladies' Fashion Necklace


Short women don’t have to hunt for the perfect fashion staples and accessories. They are right there, all you have to do is to know how to embrace the short body figure.

Which of these summer dresses is your favorite?

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