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A part of the stressful yet fun wedding planning is looking for the perfect venue – a place that will give you the most magical experience. You may want to have something that will incorporate you and your partner’s hobbies or interests and pass on the options to have a church wedding or the traditional wedding celebrations.

If you want anything but basic for your wedding, these non-traditional wedding venues will definitely be your cup of tea. Your vision of having a unique and exceptional wedding with a dreamy wedding dress at an open place rather than a classic ballroom is achievable. 

You should embrace the beauty of an outdoor venue and don’t overdo it with decor. However, even if you pick the most inconvenient place on Earth you need to think about the logistics – where will your guests stay, how you will transfer the food, and the other important things that need to be arranged. Meanwhile, if you have answers to all these questions – here are some of the non-traditional wedding venues we suggest you consider.

Private Yacht

Some couples would like to take their wedding out in the sea but they don’t know how to do that. Do it in style – rent a private yacht! It may sound weird for some but it works fantastic. Depending on the number of guests you can rent a smaller or bigger boat. Also, take into consideration that the prices will be different. However, this experience will definitely make you as well as your guests remember it for the rest of their lives.

Botanical Garden

Are you someone who loves biology or botany or to make it simpler, someone who loves plants? Have you ever dreamt about getting married in nature but city life is not allowing you to do that? How about a wedding at a botanical garden! Every big city has one or more where you can be surrounded with eye-pleasing greeneries and fresh wedding flowers. You won’t need any further decor!

Botanical Garden Weddings for Nature Lovers


Zoos or Animal Parks

If she is a lover of plants, you could also be an animal lover. The zoo is one of the most amazing attractions in the world. For some reasons, most of us would think it is only a place for picture-taking, but, you can actually have the zoo as a wedding venue, with the animals as your background.

Fascinating Weddings at the Zoo


You could be a player or a fan of a game – basketball, football or name it. After games are over and players are out from the stadium, it is for sure open for other events and that includes weddings. Why don’t you surprise your guests with this non-traditional wedding venue? You can exchange your vows at the place where your favorite team plays.

Sports Fanatic Stadium Weddings



Who doesn’t like beautiful views? Rooftops? Helicopters? Well, it sounds romantic and pretty amazing. You would think you are the only one mesmerized with the venue but hey, the place will definitely make your guests be astounded with the mind-blowing views. This venue is just so magical that you couldn’t believe you are up towards the clouds.

Incredibly Fascinating Rooftop Weddings



Gorgeous nature, breathtaking waterfall, your loved ones, and your soon-to-be better half – what else should you ask for? Quite similar to beach weddings, getting married in front of a waterfall will stay engraved in your memory. This is just so romantic and the least you can expect for a wedding location if you are in a busy city. Prepare your guests with what to expect when you send them the wedding invitation – you may have to do some hiking to reach the wedding venue. It would be an exciting adventure for the couple and the guests – with the bride wearing her fabulous beach wedding dress easy for movement and the guests wearing their formal attires.

Waterfalls: Romantic Non-Traditional Weddings


Fairytale weddings! There are many castles around the world that offer their space for wedding ceremonies. You can opt for European castles which are beautiful. France, Germany, Austria – the choice is yours. Castles usually have gardens so you can have the wedding ceremony and reception at the garden and make the castle as a background. Hire a professional photographer to capture every moment – the fascinating photos will for sure be the evidence of the start of your happily ever after.

castle for wedding



Whether it is modern art, history, science, the museum is always a good idea for an unconventional wedding. You can choose the setting and the room where the ceremony will be held. Get married in front of an iconic picture, dinosaur fossil, or a breathtaking figure. The dramatic architecture will do the rest.

Art - Inspired: Museum Wedding Venue



You can enjoy the wild sea life while getting married at the same time! Isn’t that fantastic? Your guests won’t know where to look. The minimal decor will be just fine. Aquarium itself will be more than enough.


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