Wedding Guide: Do We Need Both Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

Proposing to your beloved might be as difficult as preparing for the wedding. There will be a mixture of emotions and a lot of “what ifs.” Men will always think about the best of everything – the timing, the location, how should it be done, and most importantly– the engagement ring. Men usually take a lot of time finding the ‘perfect ring’ with a beautiful stone that won’t cost a fortune but will make a woman say yes.

Romantic Rooftop Wedding Proposals

Engagement rings have remained part of the wedding tradition for years. It is a representation of a man’s love and affection for his beloved. Engagement parties usually come with huge wonders that cause your bride-to-be to become speechless however what makes it even more surprising would be the engagement ring itself. Here are some features of the trendiest engagement rings for 2020:

The Stone: Diamond has been the most popular gemstone being sought for an engagement ring. Yes, it is traditional but it is timeless. Uri Friedman of The Atlantic on February 13, 2015, quoted, “A diamond that’s forever promises endless romance and companionship. But a forever diamond is also one that’s not resold.”

A diamond ring that forever promises endless romance and companionship

The Shape: Elongated or oval has been the most standard recently as it amazingly stands out. With its appearance and form, it seems to be bigger.

The Perfect Oval-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The Thickness: Thin bands are highly sought for their advantages. First, it is perfect for stacking purposes. Stacking the engagement ring and wedding ring would mean a lot to your partner. Not only that, but a set of a trio – lady’s engagement ring, lady’s wedding ring, and man’s wedding ring – would save time, effort, and possibly on the price when searching for the perfect rings.

Meanwhile, some people mistakenly refer to an engagement ring as the wedding ring. Well, there is a big difference between these two and we are here to clear these things up.

The Difference

Will You Marry Me Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring

The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that a woman receives during the proposal. It has a dominant stone that stands alone or surrounded by others that are smaller. It doesn’t have to be expensive nor has a diamond stone. What’s important is that – your partner loves it as it complements her style. It is worn on the left hand on the ring finger. This custom can be drawn back to the Ancient Romans. Romans believed that this finger had a vein that ran to the heart, the Vena Amoris, which means ‘vein of love’. However, this rule doesn’t apply to all countries.

Matching Couple's Rings

On the other hand, the wedding rings are exchanged between the bride and groom. The wedding ring is traditionally a plain metal band that you receive at the wedding ceremony after exchanging your vows. They are worn on the ring finger on the left hand too, which makes some brides wonder as to what to do with their engagement ring after the wedding.

How to Wear

Many brides don’t know what to do with both the engagement ring and wedding ring on one finger. Some of them decide to remove the engagement ring and just leave only the wedding ring or band on.

We suggest keeping both of the rings. You can put on a wedding band first and then the engagement ring, or vice versa. However, we want to remind you that not all rings are stackable. So, you can opt for a plan B. Wear your engagement ring on the right and the wedding band on the other one. If this option is not a good one for you, you can wear the rings next to each other. You can have the wedding ring on the ring finger and the engagement ring on the middle finger for full visibility.

Besides, some women are still confused as to which hand is acceptable for the rings – this could be because of tradition. Ancient Rome believes that rings should be worn on the left. Western countries, such as North and South America, would say the right hand is for the engagement ring, while the left hand is for the wedding ring. In many European countries, the wedding ring is worn at the right. Traditional Indians wear the wedding ring on the right hand because the left would be unclean, but modern Indians wear the ring on the left hand to match with what’s widely accepted. In Asian countries, couples wear rings on the left hand.

Having different traditions and beliefs, both the right and left hands are acceptable for both of the rings. However, the left hand is widely acceptable.

Diamonds are Forever Engagement Rings

Do We Need Both?

A groom-to-be would prefer to give an engagement ring to her beloved on a wedding proposal. The matching wedding rings would be by far different from the engagement ring. While it is not a tradition to give the groom-to-be an engagement ring – it would mean to say that the bride will have an engagement ring different from her wedding ring that matches her partner’s wedding ring.

Having both an engagement ring and a wedding ring is not really needed. A groom can propose to her beloved with or without an engagement ring. But, of course, with tradition, having an engagement ring is considered to be more romantic, especially if it means a surprise.

Bride – “Do I Need to Wear Both?”

There are some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to wearing just one or both of the rings. Ultimately, this really depends on you and your personal preferences. No rule says you need to wear both of them. Here are some of the reasons why brides opt for one ring only:

  • You don’t have to worry about losing both of your rings.
  • A more comfortable feeling when wearing only one ring.
  • If styles don’t match, then don’t force them on the same finger.
  • You can save some money if you opt for one ring only.

The point is – you can’t actually be wrong. You can wear both of your rings. As the engagement ring is more fancy and eye-catching, it would definitely match your evening dresses and other formal attires. Do you want to wear only one ring? No problem. Just make sure it stands out.

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