Women’s Style Tips: How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

What was once reserved for the elite, now it is a part of every women’s wardrobe. Little black dress is a classic, but we think you can do better than that when it comes to cocktail attires. From rules to some examples of perfect cocktail dresses – we got you covered. Cocktail attire is always in style, no matter what you wear.

Cocktail dress as an idea first appeared in the 1927 issue of Vogue magazine. It was then described as a short dress that is suitable for formal and elegant occasions. However, as fashion was changing through the years, cocktail attire doesn’t only include the dress only. Now you can wear jumpsuits, pants, and skirts and still look appropriate for the occasion.

Cocktail Attire: Dos & Don’ts

Let’s start with some rules of cocktail attire. Some of them might be too obvious, but for some, you might not have heard. 

Don’t: Wear Anything Too Revealing

A cocktail party isn’t the place where your bra, bralette, and abs should flash. Attire for the cocktail night should be different from your night out with girls. Remember that.

Do: Opt for Feminine Forms of Dress

Keeping your necklines and hemlines appropriate is essential for cocktail party attire. A rule of thumb that many women follow is not to wear something you wouldn’t want your boss to see you in. Opt for feminine forms of dress, with decorative flowers, metallic materials, and bows.

Don’t: Wear Jeans

We all love jeans, but wearing it to the cocktail party isn’t the best idea. You can easily look underdressed and you certainly don’t want that.

Do: Wear a Suit

If you are thinking about sleek and clean pantsuit to wear, we can only say it will be a perfect cocktail attire. Deep V-neck on the blazer is fine unless you need to look more appropriate. You can always dress a camisole or classy strappy shirt beneath.

Don’t: Wear Gowns

Gowns are appropriate for those occasions that require strict dress code. You don’t have to look extravagant for the cocktail party. You would want to move freely while dancing, so doesn’t overdo it with long organza gowns.

Don’t: Wear Oversized or Tote Bags

Except for your phone, keys, and lipstick, you won’t need anything else for the cocktail party. So, wearing an oversized bag will be a big no. It will appear sloppy with the cocktail dress. You can simply pick an interesting clutch.

Do: Pick One Statement Accessory

If you really want to stand out, then don’t try to wear too many flashy accessories. That can only make you look like a tree for the New Year’s Eve. Pick one accessory that will make a statement.

Don’t: Wear Sneakers

Even though a pair of flats can work, sneakers are a big no-go when it comes to cocktail parties. You will need an extra lift if you want to be noticed at the party. So, pick stilettos, kitten, or even block heels.

Do: Wear Appropriate Undergarments

Make sure your bra straps, shapewear, and slips are correct for your cocktail dress or attire. Letting this be visible will make your whole appearance looking sloppy.

Photo by Inga Seliverstova from Pexels

Pay Attention To The Information You’re Given – Formal or Casual

While it may appear to you that cocktail attire is one and that there can’t be any modifications, it is not quite true. You pay attention to the information you are given. Think about event purpose, place, and time. Your best friend’s wedding day might require a different kind of cocktail dress than the one for a corporate or after-job party. Also, if you are going to a fancy hotel you will dress differently than for the casual restaurant.

Dress Appropriately for The Season

You can’t dress the same for spring and winter cocktail parties. For instance, strappy sandals are more than welcome in spring and summer, but you certainly wouldn’t allow your feet to freeze in winter. For this cold time of the year, pick something with closed toes. An evening coat with fur will make you look extremely glamorous.

Cocktail Dresses For Your Body Shape and Style

If you were wondering how to find a perfect cocktail dress for your body type, then you have to read our mini-guide.

Pear-Shaped Body

Having a pear body shape means you have a lower body that is bigger than the upper part. You should show off your slim shoulders, face, and neckline. Go for Flowy, A-line, and mermaid skirts that cinch around the waist.

Strapless dress in navy blue shade will definitely suit women with a pear-shaped body. If you are into something more romantic and elegant, try this off-the-shoulder lace dress.

Hourglass Body Shape

Equal shoulders and hips are typical for hourglass body shape. Fitted styles, pencil skirts, and bodycon dresses would be a great choice for you. Strapless and plunging necklines will look good, while you should avoid baggy styles.

Gold bodycon lace dress is perfect for glamorous places and late-night cocktail parties.

Sheath/Column Scoop Neck Knee-Length Lace Cocktail Dress With Beading Sequins
ID: 140395

Rectangular Body Shape

The rectangular body shape is characterized as athletic and slender build. Since it is straight, you need to create an illusion of having curves. Pick peplum dresses and those with asymmetric hems.

This satin dress with a peplum will be a great choice for a glamorous cocktail party look.

Sheath/Column V-neck Knee-Length Stretch Crepe Cocktail Dress With Appliques Lace Cascading Ruffles
ID: 154245

Inverted Triangle

The narrow waist and broad shoulders usually come with an inverted triangle body shape. You should draw attention away from the shoulders – do it with V-neck dresses. Stay away from strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses. Play with embellishments but only below the waist.

This V-neck bodycon dress is perfect for a timeless look at any cocktail party. 

Sheath/Column V-neck Knee-Length Lace Cocktail Dress
ID: 170874

Cocktail shoes for women

When it comes to cocktail shoes, heels are the must-have. You shouldn’t wear flats, not even to think about wearing sneakers. Neutral shades such as black or beige are perfect for finishing off any cocktail attire. Pick sandals for spring and summer, but stay cozy in stilettos and booties in wintertime. Heels should be comfortable in the first place. The choices are many – from stilettos to block heels. It is on you to choose.

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